Family Acquired by Avara (Aave Companies)

I'm thrilled to announce that Los Feliz Engineering (LFE)—the company behind Family and previously, Honk—has been acquired by Avara, formerly known as Aave Companies.

As part of this acquisition, the entire LFE team will join Avara, with myself stepping into the role of SVP of Product & Design. The Family brand—along with its signature mobile wallet and developer library, ConnectKit—will continue to operate and evolve under the Avara umbrella.

I'm incredibly excited to collaborate with Avara and look forward to contributing our expertise to their already talented team.

Family joins Aave and Lens in the Avara portfolio

What is Avara?

Avara is more than just a new name for Aave Companies; it's a dynamic collective of pioneering brands in the decentralized finance and social sectors, including Aave, Lens, and others. As Aave has experienced rapid growth in recent years, several brands have joined the 'Aave Companies' fold. The Avara name serves as a new unifying platform for these unique entities, setting the stage for future innovations. With the acquisition of Family, we're excited to be the latest addition to this vibrant group and help usher in this new era.

Why Avara?

Avara's leadership and proven track record across various sectors aligns perfectly with our experience in both social and crypto—through Honk and Family, respectively. This common ground creates a powerful synergy that leverages our combined strengths.

What's happening to Family's wallet?

Our wallet will continue to grow and improve under Avara, while maintaining its unique brand and features. We're committed to ongoing improvements and making the best crypto wallet possible.

What's happening to ConnectKit?

ConnectKit will also continue to operate smoothly, receiving ongoing maintenance and improvements. We understand that thousands of developers and top platforms rely on ConnectKit, and we are committed to ensuring uninterrupted service.1

What's next?

Leveraging Avara’s considerable resources and experience, we're excited to take our product development to the next level. Our skills in creating highly polished experiences will complement Avara’s wide-reaching distribution channels and deep technical expertise.

Thank you!

A heartfelt thank you to our community and investors for all your immense support. This milestone wouldn't be possible without you.

Benji Taylor

Founder, Family
SVP of Product & Design, Avara

  1. For developers using ConnectKit, no action is required as a result of this acquisition.

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Family creates best-in-class crypto products, including its flagship eponymous Ethereum wallet for mobile, as well as ConnectKit, a powerful developer library for wallet-to-dapp connectivity.

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