Unveiling Previews in Family, Powered by Blowfish

We're excited to share a major feature addition to Family, Previews. Enabled by our collaboration with Blowfish, Previews offers an unprecedented level of user control and transparency when navigating the world of Ethereum.

Previews provides a detailed glimpse into the potential outcomes of your transactions, signing requests, and connection requests before you finalize them. This feature empowers you to understand the estimated results of your actions, ensuring there are no surprises once they're executed.

An example of a signing request in Family

A core component of Previews is the ability to detect and alert users to potential risks. Should Family identify an issue, you'll receive a warning, classified as either medium or critical. Critical warnings, displayed prominently in red, necessitate multiple confirmation steps, including ticking a checkbox to indicate you're fully aware of the associated risks, keeping you in firm control.

An example of a transaction request in Family

In partnership with Blowfish, we're also enhancing your security with the addition of domain scanning. This capability allows us to provide further insights into the domains you interact with, indicating whether a domain is known or verified, adding an extra layer of security and confidence to your interactions.

An example of a verified domain in Family

Family and Blowfish share a commitment to delivering an exceptional user experience underpinned by a robust security foundation, and believe the introduction of Previews marks a significant step in enhancing the wallet experience for all users.

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Family creates best-in-class crypto products, including its flagship eponymous Ethereum wallet for mobile, as well as ConnectKit, a powerful developer library for wallet-to-dapp connectivity.

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