ConnectKit Update 0.0.2

ConnectKit Update 0.0.2

Today we’re releasing version 0.0.2 of ConnectKit. This update brings helpful changes and additions to make initial setup and additional customisation even easier. We appreciate all the valuable feedback from the community and will continue making ConnectKit the simplest, most effective way to connect a wallet.


  • Added a disclaimer option under options that allows developers to link to their Terms/Privacy Policy on the first screen of the modal before users connect a wallet.
  • Added buffer as a dependency to ConnectKit. Developers no longer need to maintain their own installation of the buffer package.
  • Added props to <ConnectKitButton /> for additional button configuration.
    • label to customize the connect button text/label.
    • showBalance to show/hide wallet balance when connected.
    • showAvatar to show/hide ENS/wallet avatar when connected.
  • The requested chain during connection now automatically targets the first chain in the developer’s client configuration.


  • Missing detect-browser package.
  • “Wrong Network” text overlap issue.
  • Some tooltips and dropdowns not inheriting theme correctly in some cases.


  • Connector buttons in the Default theme are now filled instead of previously stroked.
  • The tooltip on the network indicator when connected now appears faster on hover.
  • Focus state in the switch network dropdown.
  • Unknown chains now show a fallback icon instead of an empty state.
  • Miscellaneous theme improvements.
  • Animation performance enhancements.


  • Unnecessary utils package
  • Removed Slope as a suggested wallet on mobile. Replaced with Zerion.

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