ConnectKit Update 1.2.2

ConnectKit Update 1.2.2

This update improves the functionality and developer experience of using ConnectKit and moves the peer dependency wagmi up a version to 0.12.x.

This update does not yet include support for WalletConnect 2.0.


  • Adds a Recent badge to the most recently used connector button by a user. This helps returning users reconnect easily and save time.
  • Introduce SafeConnector into the default configuration for better support for Safe Apps. Learn more about this connector in the wagmi docs.
  • Convenient onConnect and onDisconnect callbacks on the ConnectKitProvider component and useModal Hook.
  • Added dedicated overlayBlur prop to ConnectKitProvider to allow for blurring the background when the modal is open.
  • Update peer dependency wagmi to version 0.12.x.


  • Added support for Node 14.
  • Improved aria-labels on buttons for better accessibility.
  • Icons within buttons are now properly horizontally centered on FireFox.
  • Optimise some of the SVGs used in ConnectKit.


  • Fixed a bug where changing accounts when signed-in with Ethereum would cause an infinite loop (thanks JamieLottering).

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